Melbourne s.r.o. is a holding structure for a activities pursued by the owner. Please contact Admin(at]Melbournesro.com for more information.

I offer services to companies that are seeking partners in Europe and who wish to build their brand, prepare due diligence materials and find the right clients.  I am interested in consulting on financial investments, marketing and trading; raising capital, making pitches, writing business plans; presenting, explaining, convincing for new technologies, services and developing science with real-world applications. Especially for new trading market products, in nascent markets.

From a background in financial, energy and emissions trading markets, I draw upon a wide range of skills and contacts from experience in New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Kiev, Athens, Belgrade, Vienna and Prague. Most of my current activity is now based around Europe.

However, helping partners from India, Singapore, Bangladesh and  Australia as well as other countries in this general area, is of prime interest to me.

 Please contact me for more information  admin at melbournesro dot com

2019 -2020 –  Current Activities

Program Trio – The Ministry of Industry and Trade grant activity for Photocatalytic coating advanced development.

Writing proposals in line with the work done at the Czech Academy of Science ( at the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry: About the Institute  jh-inst.cas.cz). The work goal is to provide a feasible and economical solution for urban pollution with the second generation of Photocatalytic coatings using safe and inorganic titanium dioxide.

This is where real business acumen and policy education can take difficult science and present it to policy makers, influencers, bureacrats and politicians in straightforward, clear language, with the business plans that prove its value.

*Hint: There is no Photocatalytic coating in the world nearly as strong as FN NANO. This is a paint that uses UV light to pull electons away from pollutants and viruses, minieralizing them (disintegrating) so that they break down to simpler, harmless elements. All that science condenses into one sentence.

He3da Battery technology licensed to Magna Energy Storage


Magna Energy Storage (the factory with the license to produce in eastern Czech Republic)


He3da Battery  is an “akumulator” battery that is a major paradigm change in energy storage, using a different approach to storage.

It is a self-cooling, recyclable, robust, less moving parts, condensed power supply that removes many of the problems today’s ‘new’ battery technologies have not yet overcome.