November 21, 2020

Magna Energy Storage Factory Opening: the “He3da Factory”

By admin


Yesterday we were at the official opening of the #HE3DA gigawatt factory (Magna Energy Storage) in Eastern Czech Republic.


There is a lot to say about the battery, the story of the financing leading up to the opening, and further still the new interest in the USA for the next factory. And what you read in the local press is so often full of misdirection in sensationalism to the ends that the strengths of this technology are never really explained well (must be too complicated for the journos).

It is well worth considering that this unique battery simplification has created a more resilient and robust method of energy storage, fast charging, recyclability; and importantly, it cannot overheat.

This is another leading technology from inventor Jan Prochazka under the Advanced Materials-JTJ banner, as are the FN NANO® coatings that remove pollution and viruses from the air. Note that the research we perform at the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, has not found any coating with nearly the same powerful effect on destroying harmful compounds (Hint: it pulls away electrons – which is like removing the glue – holding together VOCs, NOx, etc., and disintegrates them with sunlight).

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