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A Slovakian Development Proposal


  • The threat of food insecurity and need for shorter supply chains from the east
  • And achieving sustainability goals. . .
  • The future of huge demographic changes in MENA
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine


  • an opportunistic land site in eastern Slovakia
  • and build an agro-industrial logistics park with intermodal food transshipment
  • at a disused railway site that has overlapping wide and narrow gauge rail
Agro Industrial Park based on UNIDO

Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks (IAIPs) are a strategic tool for achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development, focusing on transforming agricultural and livestock products. Key features include strategic locations in high-agriculture growth regions with access to urban centers and essential infrastructure. These parks consist of two components: agro-industrial parks housing firms sharing state-of-the-art facilities, and primary processing and aggregation centers serving as rural or agriculture transformation centers (RTCs). The design aligns with national objectives related to rural economic development, food security, and industrialization, promoting regional balance and sustainable practices in different agro-ecological zones. UNIDO’s approach offers flexible models, delivered in phases, to build capacities and engage stakeholders. Interventions encompass various aspects, including food safety, value chain development, vocational training, women and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and investment promotion. IAIPs contribute to UNIDO’s Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) mandate, fostering economic transformation.

Attractive Components of the Development

Slovakian Support
  • Slovak State support,
  • Especially in Support of Eastern Region. Eg., Kosice, Volvo, Ebike
  • Strong local government and commercial support
Ideal location

A few kilometers from the Ukrainian border in eastern Slovakia.

Existing dual-gauge rail transhipment site.

Suitable for grain storage

Ideal for Bio-refinery

Logistically,geographically salient. xxx

Waste to marketable Energy (biogas, heat)

Grain/food processing, most in west; the EU wants it near production sites

Eager Renewable Energy partners

Photovoltaic opportunity due to land aggregation

Anchor for similar regional projects

Romania provides ample room for expansion

Polandhas similar dual-gauge overlaps and key locations

Fulfills Sustainable Development goals and EU directives

SDG advantages of the development plan

EU Directives towards freight, processing near source, and financial support

Eminent Domain

As a Stategic Iniative of the Slovak Government, this project can apply land acquisition under eminent domain

3x to 5x return in 4-7 years

To see projections, please contact Dan or Charles for disclosure agreements and discussion.

What do we want

30 million Euro

For more information

Contact the Team

Charles Bergin: experience

person 2:

person 3:

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